Born and raised in Bunbury, Western Australia, Brooke is an introverted bookworm who pretends she likes socialising until she must actually socialise. She lives in Perth with her partner, her cat, and the three plants she hasn’t killed. Brooke is the winner of the World’s Best Adult Award 2018 (category: sarcasm) and is usually tired for no reason. A writer by day and a reader by night, she loves to describe herself in the third person.

Brooke loves to give her readers slow-burn, tragic stories revolving around traumatic pasts, deep scars, and forbidden lovers. If you’re interested in having your heart broken and your emotions toyed with, then you can check out her writing here. Her characters are always clever and fearless whilst in real life, Brooke is scared of the movie Coneheads, howling wind, and the dark gap between steps. When she’s not staying up until one am reading, she’s watching anime or trying to keep up with her studies.

Brooke likes listening to sad Troye Sivan songs, upbeat Dua Lipa, and that one classical piano song, and is a sucker for chocolate mousse. A writer here and there on this and that, she can take anywhere from 3 days to 0.2 seconds to reply to a text.

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